Monday, April 9, 2012

How to Make Your Own Custom Desktop Wallpaper

Did you ever want to make your own desktop background with a professional text editor such as Word? Tired of taking a picture or using Windows wallpaper? Then this is the post for you.

Follow The Steps Outline Below

To start, open up your document in your editor. If you have no document, make one.

When you opened or finished your document, find the "Prt Sc" button on your keyboard. It might say "Print Screen". This button should be above the plus sign. Press the button.

Open up paint. The screen of your editor along with what you typed in will come up.

Under "Image", click crop (make sure the picture is selected). Crop the part you want (select the part you want to stay in the box, everything else will be deleted)

Once done cropping, save it.

When the document is saved, you can upload it through your control panel. READ TO SEE HOW:

Go to Start Menu > Programs > Control panel.
Click on "Appearance and Personalization".
Following that, click on "Change Desktop Background".
Then upload the picture you saved.

That's it! You should have a new desktop background.


Use WordPad or TextPad. They come with Windows.


Do not do this if your computer is slow. It will make your computer even slower.

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