Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nigeria Made Keyboard With Naira Symbol

We have a product out there called Konyin keyboard. This is an end product of years of work by Nigerians for Nigerians. I cannot understand if we have a genetic disorder or just a curse. Why not patronize a good effort? At the onset, I got to know about this keyboard because some of my friends called it a 419. Why why why. It's not an Igbo me if that is what you want to know also. So what its an Igbo made ? Embrace it, we all have to start from somewhere, don't we ?

As typical Nigerians, we all sit here and talk about cut and paste instead of supporting our fellow Nigerians with the first and only physical keyboard ever made for an African Country. 

Our own Nigerian Government has spent the last 25+ years and millions of $$$ trying to create a typewriter and now a computer VIRTUAL keyboard. So far they have been able to come up with a VIRTUAL [software based] keyboard for three languages [Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa]. Obvious question here is; what happened to the other Nigerian Languages ? I guess there not important.
Never the less its a great effort by the Nigerian Government. 

Seun, ever wonder why your cut and paste does not work in the real world?.
Maybe you should tell people in the USA, China or Japan to cut and paste their currency symbols to their documents and calculation fields in Excel or other applications. Geee wake up !!! Tell them they dont need their own country specific keyboard. You have a better and ingenious idea called "cut and paste"

Ever wonder why a country of over 150 million people does not have basic computerized identification system?. 
We cannot spell our names correctly, we cannot represent our currency symbol with "cut and paste". I am not talking about tonal marks or tribal marks just yet. Just simply sub dots and currency symbol. Now we have a keyboard that has solved this issue. Were still talking about cut and paste !!!!!!! Geeeee 

National Information and Technology Development (NITDA) has embraced this keyboard as of January this year. This is a stamp of approval from the highest Information Technology entity in Nigeria Tested and approved hands down!.
I am so proud of these guys. They did not have to wait for a white man to give up a keyboard for us to use in keeping our languages. I am proud of them. I don't need to cut and paste !!
I forgot, I need to mind my manners, had it been a Whiteman created the keyboard for us, we would have been lining his pocket with almighty dollars. Ah my brother .. na wa for you.

Try and stop this Beer parlor or should I say Buka talk about cut and paste poo. Buy the dam keyboard. It will not kill you to pay an equivalent cost of an average US dinner for two or Eko hotel dinner for 4.
Go to their website
Techno Nigeria

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