Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life after Firefox: Can Mozilla regain its mojo?

Mozilla Foundation president Mitchell Baker is sitting on a ticking time bomb.
The survival of her company, which pledges to make the web a better place, is at the mercy of one of its main competitors, Google.
If you haven't heard of Mozilla, you almost certainly know - and perhaps use - its most famous product: the Firefox browser.
Since 2002, it has been steadily gaining market share against Internet Explorer (IE), Microsoft's pre-loaded, oft-criticised equivalent.
It now has about half a billion users, a huge number of which are evangelists for the software. Many even help create it - it is one of the largest open-source projects on the net.
Google likes this. So much so, they pay Mozilla millions of pounds every year to secure a piece of prime real-estate on Firefox's default homepage encouraging users to perform a Google search.
This investment is believed to represent about 85% of Mozilla's entire income.
Mozilla loves that, no doubt, but can they trust it?
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