Thursday, October 27, 2011


After I posted about how to unlock Huawei USB modems, many people have emailed, tweeted and contacted me asking if the Huawei unlocker tool would also work for ZTE USB modems. Of course, the answer is no.
Since ZTE MF-627 and MF-628 broadband modem dongle are commonly provided upon subscribing to an internet connection in one of the leading wireless 3G internet providers in our country, the demand for unlocking these particular modem models is also common.

The software below lets you unlock ZTE USB modems for free. It basically involves re-flashing the modem – which, although it may sound scary, is actually straightforward and easy if the instructions are properly followed. This simple software reflash can only work in Windows XP and the whole process takes around 20-25 miniutes.

Tested working by myself twice already with a MF-627 dongle and a MF-628.

Just download the file from here. It includes the firmware installer/flasher and the instructions in both PDF and DOC versions. Please note that flashing or updating the firmware involves some risk particularly if you don’t follow the instructions properly. It could break your modem dongle and may become unusable! So it is really important to read and understand the instructions carefully and follow them. The software specifically mentions Windows Vista as having potential problems.

After you have unlocked the modem, remember that you have to make few changes in your connection settings each time you change your network provider. You can readily find the proper settings for these providers using Google searches.


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