Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Nokia's stated strategy to deliver mobile phones and services for the next billion, there will also be a tremendous need to offer outstanding apps for use on those devices. This includes apps for Series 40 phones that inform, educate, entertain, and bring people closer together. Nokia's Series 40 phones have experienced more than 35 per cent growth in download volumes in the past two months, making up about a quarter of the total downloads from Nokia's Ovi Store. Now is your chance to make the most of this growing opportunity.

From all the entries submitted by West African developers a local jury, with members from Nokia, operator and industry partners, will select three local application winners. The best application will receive a prize of 5000$ and the all top3 developers will get an all-expenses paid trip to Nokia World 2011 in London! The winners of this special prize may be selected among any of the contest application categories.


The Create for Millions contest features four categories where you can bring out your best work for Nokia's latest Series 40 phones:

  • In the Know - we're seeking your Series 40 web apps focusing
    on news and location-based information.
  • Fun & Games - we're eager to try your Series 40 games and entertainment apps (either Java-based or web apps) that will fill those spare moments during the day with amusing, unforgettable diversions.
  • Emotional Closeness - this is your chance to submit social networking apps that are developed either as Series 40 Java apps or web apps.
  • Access to Knowledge - we want your life improvement apps (e.g., education, health, etc.), and in this category we'll accept either Series 40 Java apps or web apps, too.


For each of the four contest categories listed above, there will be 10 cash prizes, with a top prize of 50,000 euros in each category. The winning apps will be promoted globally in various Nokia-owned channels including: online, social media, newsletters and more.

The top app in each of the four categories will also receive a free user experience (UX) consultation from Nokia; and support from a top design agency to create Spotlight banners featuring the winning apps.


  • Special Java Prize for best use of MAPs/Location API

    with Series 40 phones. The winner of this prize will receive 25,000 euros.
  • Special Java Prize for Series 40 app with the best touch feature.

    The winner of this prize will receive 25,000 euros.
  • Special Prize for the best Series 40 web app

    The winner of this prize will receive 50,000 euros; and Nokia will promote the winning web app in the start page of Nokia Browser for Series 40 in appropriate countries. This means everyone who launches the browser on a compatible Nokia Series 40 phone will be able to see and use this award-winning web app.


SERIES 40 Web App Download

SDK 4 JAVA Download

Nokia Create Series 4 millions


To enter Nokia's Create for Millions contest, you will need to first publish your new Series 40 Java or web app to Ovi, and then complete the contest registration form using the link below. Please note: Preference will be given to new applications, originally published to Nokia's Ovi Store after 15 June 2011.

You must provide the following when you enter the contest:

  • Valid contact details
  • The content item URL from Nokia’s Ovi Store.
  • A short demo video to showcase your app
Note: The deadline to enter Create for Millions has been extended to 1 November 2011
By entering the contest you agree to the terms and conditions.


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