Sunday, November 6, 2011


While the boundless information on the Internet is truly incredible, the registration requirements on many internet sites are truly annoying. Why does that website need to know your email address, age, profession, income level, and zip code anyway? Fortunately, there is an easy way around this annoying violation of your privacy.

  1. Test out bugmenot by going to the login page on a website that has compulsory registration
  2. Open a new tab/browser window and enter
  3. Copy and paste the URL of the restricted website into bugmenot. The example depicted here is for the LA Times.
  4. Bugmenot LA Times
  5. Press return and it will provide a user name and password which will allow you free access to the restricted website.
  6. Bugmenot
  7. Copy and paste the user name and password into the login field on the website you wish to view.
  8. Bugmenot3
  • Appreciate the fact that wikiHow and eHow require no login or sharing of personal information. wikiHow allows you to register if you want to get credit for your contributions, but the full site functionality is available even to anonymous users. No need for BugMeNot here.
  • only provides login information for free websites.
  • Often the first login BugMeNot gives you will not work, but you can ask the site for additional names to try.
  • The site has "liberated" over 87,000 websites that previously required free registration.
  • Skipping free registration will help you avoid spam.
  • When logging in, be sure to check the "Remember Me on Future Visits" box, so that you won't have to enter a password again.
  • When using FireFox you can install the bugmenot extension from here: After installation you just have to right click in the field where you have to submit the user-name.
  • When using Maxthon you can install the BugMeNot plug-in.
  • Some feel this practice is ethically questionable. You will have to decide for yourself.

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