Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The main point of most homes around the world - some people often have a room just for gaming! If you like video games, why don't you make a simple one to begin with? This article will help you make a simple video game for PC easily.


  1. Figure out what program you want to use. One program is RPG Maker VX. This program isn't free but you may wish to use the 2003 version - it's free. Some simple video games may also use coding, instead of point-and-click systems. A good basic coding is Python GUI which is free and open-source from their website.
  2. Install your program and gather your ideas up ready. Surely you have a rough idea about what this game is about? If not, think about your favourite games, what games sell or simply think about fantasy. Fantasy is always a good starting point for noob game makers/designers. Mainly due to the fact about 96.23% of games are indeed fantasy [Fable, Dragon Age, WoW and even Kameo et cetera].
  3. If needed [for people who know what game they want to make you should make new foes or people to play as or kill. Use Photoshop, Gimp or even a Window's basic Paint tool.
  4. Now make your first map or level. Have an introductory page where you name and edit your game character. The first map is usually plain and simple, don't go overboard on your first map.
  5. Make more levels. If you are more adept with game design then why not try your hand at scripting? This is however, harder to do and is really not advised to new designers. Also, you really should have a, well, a point... This makes a game a game. Maybe the point of a mini game is to kill the boss via doing a quest an then going to the boss.
  6. Make a game and pop it onto disk. Don't forget the credits!


  1. Nice article, Nigerians too are coming up in video PC game, one local company recently launched the 1st Nigerian PC game called Elewenjewe Ver 1.0. Find it here:


    1. Hello Sir
      I wrote a wiki article on the fishing card game, Basra.
      I need this game,Elewenjewe. Could you upload it to a working link like mediafire?