Friday, November 25, 2011


There may be times when you want to know how long your computer was turned on for a specific day. Or maybe you want to know when it was shutdown and for how long? What about if the computer went into standby mode?
For any of these situations, you can quickly get the answer using a free program called PC On/Off Time.

pc on-off time

The current version works on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Windows Server 2008. You can download the program from here:
Overall, the program is very simple, but cleverly implemented. Normally, you would think that you would have to install this software and then wait a couple of days before you see any data about your computer’s status. What’s neat about PC On/Off Time is that it simply reads your event logs and extracts out the events when the computer was shut down, turned on, put into standby mode, etc.
So with the free version of the program, you can instantly see 3 weeks of data about your PC. That means this program has a number of benefits:

  • It isn’t required to be installed, simply run it once you download it
  • It does not need to run in the background as a process
  • It does not add anything to the Windows registry
  • It does not modify files outside of it’s own directory
You can copy the program to your USB stick and run it on any other computer too. If you really like the program and find is useful for your situation, then you can get the Pro or Net version:

pro and net versions

With the Pro version, which is only $9, you get a lot more data. There is no 3 weeks limit on the data and you can see exact login and logoff times for users. It will automatically backup the events, so even when they are deleted by Windows, you can still see the data in the program. Lastly, there are no ads.

With the Net version, you can do the same thing as the Pro version, except you can see the data for an unlimited number of computers on a local network. This is great for an office environment where you have lots of users and you want to keep track of this data from one administrator computer.

And if you don’t like the default colors that the program chooses for when your computer was on or off, you can double-click and change it to whatever you like. Again, it’s a very simple program, but it gets the job done well.

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